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  1. For sale a radioddity GD-77 like new $75
  2. I have a Radioddity GD-77 for sale if anyone is interested contact me at rshamp@vtc.net
  3. I have a small problem, I live in the middle of nowhere. The animas valley to be exact in a place called windmill. I have a Midland mxt115 with a 3db stubby antenna in my truck the problem is if I want to talk outside of the area I have to hope the weather is right in order to reach the repeater which is line of site 43 miles I know this is right because I have connected to the repeater "jack's peak" and talk to tucson and Abq. I want to set up a base station and be able to connect to the repeater to talk to other people without having to rely so much and the right weather conditions any Ideas as to the type of antenna i should get. and maybe a good suggestion on a radio. any help would be appreciated. thanks Rick WRKB393
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