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  1. Well... Looks like I found my own answer! Overlooked it. Uggggg Menu 10 TO---Continues afer 5 sec CO---Continues after 3 sec (signal lost) SE---Scan stops... Press PPTor funcytion key to store it
  2. While scanning I would like to continue scanning after the RX transmission ends (so many seconds). Right now it just stops scanning and won't resume scanning. Any thoughts...? Thanks, Mikeebob
  3. I think you have the right idea as other have suggested.... "DON'T worry about it due to the small draw on the battery". I appreciate all the thoughts on the issue.
  4. Well.... Hopefully they can fix this in the future with a Firmware update. Thanks for the response.
  5. Just got mu KG-805G and programmed my Channels. When I set the radio to SCAN channels the Backlight stays on continuously causing more battery drain than needed. Anyone else with this issue? I can't seem to find a setting in software to turn OFF the backlight while scanning. Thanks Everyone, Mikeebob WKRS742
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