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  1. Thanks for the replies. I do have a GMRS license but would rather stay with simpler and smaller radios than a fully featured KG-805G. I have two kids so less buttons the better. I do not see myself programming repeaters into the unit. I need simple grab and go radios.
  2. I am still doing research on what to buy as a replacement for my entry level FRS radios. I am looking on Midland's website and they have two sections: X-Talker and LXT/GXT but if I look at i.e. T61VP3 and LXT630VP3 they look almost exactly the same and I can't even find a difference in major specs. Is there a build quality difference or something obvious I am missing?
  3. Thanks guys. I will look closer at the KG-805 and read its manual to get better understanding of how it works. Maybe it is not as complicated as it looks. :-) Asides from the KG-805, is there anything else I should be looking at? I guess I would need to drop my 2W+ requirement but I could add waterproof as we ski sometimes when it snows so the radios do get wet.
  4. I have the super basic Midland LXT118 two-way radios. Bought them when FCC required license for the GMRS channels. The license was renewed couple of years ago and also there was a change by the FCC pushing my LXT118 radio into the "license free" gear category. Since I do own the GMRS license and don't mind renewing it when it expires 8 years from now, I thought about upgrading my radios to use more than 2W which my license allows. Otherwise the license has no value and it just a $70 piece of paper. I did some research, few hours of reading and it looks like all the mainstream gear from Midland, Motorola, Cobra seem to have max 2W radios for which license is not required. Then there are the Wouxun KG-805G and BTech GMRS-V1 radios that are programmable and have tons of features but are a bit intimidating for a simple user like me. So finally I got to my question: Are there any GMRS handhelds that have more powerful radios (>2W) but are somewhat basic (no programming, repeater, etc)? I would like to get a radio with a decent range and something I could grab from a charging base, set a channel and use. I do not see myself programming or messing around with a radio. Use would be for hiking, kayaking, skiing and camping with the kids so less buttons and features the better.
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