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  1. Lakeland 675 467.67500 might be what you want. I live in Umatilla and when weather is right I can receive and talk clearly. I am about 80 miles from lakeland.
  2. 10 miles. the people I talked with said the repeater towers in Perry and Tampa are both around 400 feet high. Lot of money for a 10 mile reach.
  3. I was also able to hit the Tampa tower also early in the week. But now I can not reach any repeater over 15 miles.
  4. yes I was able to confirm the repeater, it is listed on this site. the person I talked to owned the repeater and was very nice and said feel free to use his repeater anytime.
  5. I have heard of skip in cb radios did not know about gmrs.
  6. I am new to radio and I did not think it was possible either that is what I am asking. But I can not understand why two different people would that I connected to these repeaters when I did not. both repeaters have same frequency and codes and both on towers that county use for their radios.
  7. hello i am new to any type radio just retired and needed a hobby. I got a midland mxt400 and a 6 db antenna for a base station. confused on range to open repeater. I got permission to use a repeater about 15 miles away but can open a repeater 100 miles to my south and one 168 miles to my north. I live in central florida. Wanting to know if this is normal.
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