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  1. I've had my gmrs mobile radio a little over two weeks and my license about the same amount of time.. I have only been listening, so far and honestly have learned some cool stuff. I was on channel 18 on my tiny frs handheld and stumbled onto a regularly scheduled net every Wednesday @ 19:30. I have a lot to learn but these guys on the Technical Net (frq. 146.820 K7LED) were clearly HAM operators not using a gmrs repeater but talking all things gmrs. I would one day like to be a part of those kinds of discussions. I am in the Seattle and it looks like gmrs repeaters are not that abundant. Do any of you participate in net repeater discussions on gmrs repeaters in your areas? I've also started to detect a bit of arrogance in the HAM community towards gmrs. Still trying to find my niche. Comments? Thoughts? WRMH268.
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