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  1. Hey, I'm back. I have a question. Who elected you to be deputy Barney Fife? When you have a moment to get over your anger issues, review back a couple of posts or where I addressed your concerns in a tactful way. Evidently you didn't like my answer and you just want to provoke me in some fashion because you can't pin me down in some kind of "gotcha". I honestly don't know why you keep up the persecution but I am growing fond of it and I'm enjoying watching you continue to make an ass out of yourself. Oh, claiming that you're "Right" about some silly little nonsense that you conjured up doesn't mean squat, but hey, if you feel like you've won some kind of award then by all means go for it. Troll on!
  2. I can't help those who only want to see what they want to see. At this point you're acting like a troll. This is between me and offroaderwhatshisname so run along and hump somebody else's leg.
  3. Do we have a comprehension problem here? You will not let this fascination with a channel number go for some damned reason. I don't care what channel was decreed and I don't give any consideration to this video that you are so enamored with. It's irrelevant in the context of this thread. I thoroughly explained the reason for my outburst in my previous response. It was thoughtful, methodical, and covered! Period! If you want to keep going down fantasy avenue then fine. Enjoy the ride. I'm done trying to reason with you since you continue to make this into something that it wasn't.
  4. You are totally not understanding my dispute. It has nothing to do with the channel number at all. I honestly don't care what it ends up to be. I have previously expressed my opinion on that but yes I am flexible and will go with whatever the consensus is. Now let's take a look at the word "consensus" and think about that for a moment. What it should mean is that as a group we all mutually make a decision. I'm not going to quote it but what has happened here is one individual came in, proclaimed a final solution and then went on to say that the discussion is closed (I'm paraphrasing here). I find that a bit arrogant and annoying. You call it butt hurt but it doesn't matter. A lot of members have made an investment in this discussion and to just dismiss their opinion with the click of a mouse, in my opinion shows no decorum or respect for others. This could have been handled a much more tactful way. So I reacted. And that's it. Some of you have expressed relief that someone made a decision. That's fine if that's how you feel about it. But as a secondary argument I am saying that the "decision" really goes no further than this forum and a YouTube video. It's a big ass country out there with thousands of GMRS participants that don't know a thing about a travel channel or our "decision". If you really want to effect this proposal and get country wide participation then someone is going to have to roll up their sleeves and go to work. It has been suggested that this will roll out itself over time but I'm not that optimistic. I would propose that we post a poll with the proposals that have been made. Now that would be a consensus. Do you agree?
  5. I've explained my position clearly. Have a good day.
  6. I didn't miss a thing. I've seen pretty much all his videos and an active subscriber and financial contributor. You're missing my point or don't want to hear it or whatever.
  7. I did. The video was fine. His channel / his content. No problem. I looked at it as a parody. I want to be 100% clear on my issue and I'm not sure why it doesn't disturb everyone else as well. I thought we were having a conversation about all this. We may disagree or have other ideas and all that is fine. That's what the conversation is for. But to have someone bust in, declare that things are going to be a certain way, and the conversation is over... well, I'm afraid not. I have problems with that. It's about civility and decorum. If you have an idea, then present it and your arguments for it. But to charge in and announce "this is the way it's going to be. everybody else shut up" Meh, that's not the way to resolve things. My opinion.
  8. I hear you loud and clear and appreciate your perspective. My concern is that outside of this forum and a YouTube channel, no one else will have the foggiest idea that there is a travel channel much less which one it is. That's why I'm suggesting some sort of outreach. Yes, it will be hard work and frustrating, no doubt. And I can imagine some would take exception to an outsider coming in and even making the suggestion. Even here in this forum there are some that believe GMRS is only for talking to family. I don't know the history of how channel 19 on the CB became the truckers channel but I would wager a guess that it propagated from the truck stops and informal agreements that would be the channel they would hang out on. That was their social network of that period. For us, we have the internet to get the word out.
  9. "Some people".. recognize that when "one person" attempts to shut down a conversation, that it transcends into arrogance, just like those sad hams that you constantly lament about. Better take a close look at yourself before accusing others of social deficiencies. You don't appear to be able to handle differing opinions very well. You're no longer in your YouTube safe space where you can delete what you don't want to hear. Demeaning others by innuendo only shows shallowness and accomplishes nothing. If you and your following want to suggest a GMRS travel channel then that's great, I'm all for the conversation. However, if your approach to resolving the issue is by edicts, proclamations, and the shutting down of different opinions then that's where I start having problems. No, the conversation is not over because you say so. Getting back to my original response, lets see some REAL activism on adopting some channel, whether it be 19, 20, or whatever, as the travel channel and by that I mean something other than an edict. Let's see some outreach to all the GMRS communities. Let's see some consensus and agreement. Build an organization if your have to. Are you willing to do that? If not, then this will go nowhere. Who wants to be the leader?
  10. Today's price; KG-1000G $369.99 https://www.buytwowayradios.com/wouxun-kg-1000g.html?___SID=U MXT500 $399.99 https://www.buytwowayradios.com/midland-mxt500.html This is MSRP on the Midland and I think there's some introductory deals going on that may offer a discount.
  11. Proclaiming something on a YouTube channel is adoring. If you were truly interested in the travel channel initiative then you would form a nationwide commission and reach out to the thousands of GMRS operators for a consensus. That's a lot of work and effort. Are you willing to do that? I'm afraid that no one has heard you outside of your YouTube fiefdom. So crow about it all you want. It accomplishes nothing. Oh by the way, take a minute to use your favorite web browser to look up the term "GMRS Travel Channel". Outside this discussion, the preponderance of results will point you towards this ---> Ignore it all you want, I'm sure you will.
  12. Compare the less expensive KG-1000G to the MXT-500. There is no comparison. Other than picking up some NOAA broadcasts, the MXT-500 is a basic GMRS only radio. If you feel that configuration is of value and you don't care about all the other "stuff" then by all means go for it. IMO the radio should be a lot less expensive for what it is.
  13. The plan is for solar fed batteries being the full time source. I'm building a workshop and intentionally facing one half of the roof in a southerly direction to mount the solar panels on. I want the future repeater and other radios to be able to survive a prolonged utility outage.
  14. $400 for a featureless radio. I'm good, thanks.
  15. I just went through and made a request and was successful. I suspect you may have a pop-up blocker or some other restriction in your web browser. Try loosening up any restrictions for the site and see if that gets you anywhere.
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