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  1. Did you try turning the car off to see if the noise was abated?
  2. No problem. I reread your instructions and found a way to get it into the cab without it looking butt ugly or getting the cable pinched.
  3. Are they announcing their call sign? Could they be using an FRS radio? Reclassified FRS radios can be used for business.
  4. Another channel worthy of mention is Ham Radio 2.0 He does mostly ham videos but is engaging more and more into GMRS.
  5. Everything is a stepping stone to get me to the final destination. Initially my antenna rig will be quite a bit lower in elevation. Long term I am hoping to set a utility pole (power pole) and on top, attach a flag pole of whatever length, then the antenna. The flag pole I'm looking at is free standing and can withstand over 100 mph wind, anchored to a concrete pad on ground. I'm going to come up with some sort of gin pole / boom to be able to lower / raise the flag pole on a hinged support bracket. This setup is common on sail boats with long masts. Anyway, everything is on paper at the moment. Near term I will be using my mobile KG-XS20G (20 watts) or my HT KG-935G with the intention of eventually getting the 50 watt KG-1000G as the base station.
  6. Here's the results that I got from Radio Mobile as originally suggested by @Radioguy7268. I started out with 20w power, 10 meters / 32 feet height and 6db gain. The coverage was, let's say decent as it reached out 10 to 15 miles. Next I doubled the antenna height to 20 meters / 65 feet height and the coverage area more than doubled out to 30 plus miles. For my next trick I doubled the wattage to 40 and didn't really gain any coverage but it did extend out the marginal area. I do live in a very flat coastal area, much is over water, and tall pine trees are the biggest obstacle. So I guess by just dumb luck it appears that my original desire to get an antenna up around 60 feet is the sweet spot for me and my expectations. I will try to see if I can shorten the coax length from 100' to 75' to eliminate some loss. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and participation and especially the education I received here. Y'all are the best!
  7. Awesome!!! Thanks for this link. It will be very helpful.
  8. I am most definitely in flat country here in the coastal plains of NC. I've already committed to the Comet antenna. I actually got the last one in stock at GigaParts and they have no idea when any more are coming in. My plan was to set a 25 to 30 foot utility pole and then have a 25 to 30 foot mast come off the top of that. So the base of the antenna will be 50 to 60 feet from ground level. The antenna is 10 foot 5 inches.
  9. I'm very familiar with the 3M rubber splicing tape. I was a Journeyman Electrician for a number of years and we went through miles of that stuff. Thanks!
  10. The gain of the Comet CA-712EFC is 9dBi, or so they say. This is really challenging. Everybody says to get the antenna as high as possible which means more cable and more signal loss. To go with a sturdier cable means a great deal more expense. I know this is a very subjective question, but is there a sweet spot for antenna height and cable length that is budget friendly? My long term goal was to get the antenna up around 60 feet but that may be just a dream.
  11. Thanks! As far as weather proofing, do they make any sort of boot that covers the connector or do I have to home brew a solution?
  12. I just placed an order for a Comet CA-712EFC base station antenna. It has an N type female connector. I need about a 100' run of cable with an N male on one end and a PL-259 on the other. Can someone recommend a source for this type of cable. I would like the LMR-400 Ultraflex. If I can't get the PL-259 then I'm assuming some sort of adapter would be required??? Edit: I have found this. Good deal? https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=342_343_347_998_1415&products_id=6882
  13. Also shows out of stock. Hopefully some reviews will come out on this radio.
  14. I'll be blunt. I made the conscience decision to invest into GMRS for the freedom and to engage with other like minded folks. If I wanted a hall monitor correcting my behavior or some sort of strict regimentation I'd go get a ham ticket. Also, it's important to note that many of us live in the outskirts, the boonies, the sticks where there isn't any radio traffic. We would relish the opportunity to "call up" a pal and chat a bit. As long as we're being respectful to others and yielding the channel when necessary, I see nothing wrong with using the radio in that fashion. Besides, it's good practice for that SHTF scenario that the marketing folks so succinctly suggest the equipment is good for.
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