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  1. Very late reply to what is probably a dead topic, but I use FRS more than GMRS. Admittedly, I am a newbie to GMRS and I actually only own a couple of sets of bubble packs, but I use the radios mostly when camping with my son's Cub Scout pack. While he and I can use my GMRS license, others can't, so I tend to stay on FMRS.
  2. Sorry for the belated reply! Thanks, All, for the great information!
  3. I'd just like to thank the site organizers and the regular posters for their contributions to this site. I am learning so much from reading the threads here (including how little I know about amateur radio in general). If there is one book/site/place you would send someone who is a rank novice who wants to learn more about amateur radio, what would it be? Thanks! Ken
  4. Fantastic, that makes perfect sense. Thanks!
  5. This is so basic, I'm sure, that you will all laugh, but since I am the greenest of newbies and a dilettante at amateur radio my huge concern is not irritating people who know what they are doing and have put time and money into GMRS. So here goes: how would I know if I were infringing on somene's repeater? I get that they are on a certain frequency, but if I am in that area and choose that frequency am I using their repeater? Or does the fact that my crappity bubblepack radios have limited channel selection prevent me from infringing on them? Ken
  6. Thanks, Pastor Gary. That helps. I have joined MyGMRS, as I see the great potential for learning in these forums. The link is very helpful as well.
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