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  1. I bought a KG-UV8D a week ago and keep noticing a symbol on the screen that isn't shown in the manual. Are there any KG-UV8D users out there that can tell me what that symbol is just to the left of the "MAIN" indicator? http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w167/robnfl/Wouxun_screen_small.jpg Thanks, Rob
  2. That's what I figured. Thanks! That has been on my To-Do list for a while. Now that I have radios I'll go ahead and get my HAM license. Thanks Rob
  3. Hi there, the wife and I recently moved to East Tennessee up in the Chilhowee Mountain. Cell coverage is almost non existent up here and we wanted a way to get a hold of someone if there was an emergency and also have a means of communication when hiking. There are several local repeaters that we can use in order to extend our range a bit, so I bought a Wouxun to use as a GMRS radio. My question is, can I use a non GMRS repeater with just a GMRS license, or am I limited to just the repeaters in the GMRS freq range? I have been told that there are GMRS repeaters available in the Smoky Mountains (about a mile a way), but all I can find are repeaters in the 145mhz or 444mhz range. So, I was wondering if they are accessible (legally) with a GMRS license? Thanks, Rob
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