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Found 3 results

  1. Lets start out with my setup so this might not work for you. My repeater is a Bridgecom BCR-40DU, I purchased the URIx, 25 pin cable, and Micro SD from the myGMRS store. Make sure your not using a Raspberry Pi 4, trust me it doesn't work. I ended up getting a Raspberry Pi 3B+. After installing the micro sd card into the pi make sure you connect an ethernet cable, log in, change password like instructed, then set up wifi if you want by following instructions in the quick start guide that came with the micro sd card, don't forget to log into your router and set up port forwarding. Your gonna wanna go into your simpleusb.conf file and change a few things. sudo nano /etc/asterisk/simpleusb.conf carrierfrom = usbinvert ; no,usb,usbinvert ; no - no carrier detection at all ; usb - from the COR line on the USB sound fob (Active high) ; usbinvert - from the inverted COR line on the USB sound fob (Active low) ctcssfrom = usb ; no,usb,usbinvert ; no - CTCSS decoding, system will be carrier squelch ; usb - CTCSS decoding using input from USB sound fob (Active high) ; usbinvert - from the inverted CTCSS line on the USB sound fob (Active low) duplex = 1 ; Duplex 0,1 ; 0 - half duplex ; 1 - full duplex When your done making the changes hit ctrl + o followed by enter then ctrl + x followed by enter. I wasn't able to use DTMF tones to connect to different nodes so I found a command in one of the forum pages to connect through ssh. sudo asterisk -rx "rpt fun 24219 *3172" 24219 is my node so insert your node number, *3172 will connect me to node 172, *3xxxxx will connect you to your node of choice, xxxxx being the node number. If your gonna use the Pi as your repeater controller then your gonna have to modify your rpt.conf file. sudo nano /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf hangtime = 1000 ; squelch tail hang time (in ms) (optional, default 5 seconds, 5000 ms) althangtime = 2000 ; longer squelch tail totime = 180000 ; transmit time-out time (in ms) (optional, default 3 minutes 180000 ms) idrecording = |ixxxxxxx ; cording or morse string see http://ohnosec.org/drupal/node/87 ;idtalkover = |ixxxxxxx ; Talkover ID (optional) default is none see http://ohnosec.org/drupal/node/129 ; See Telemetry section Example: idrecording = rpt/nodenames/24219 idtime = 900000 When your done making the changes hit ctrl + o followed by enter then ctrl + x followed by enter. Change the xxxxxxx to your callsign make sure you keep the |i or it won't identify. After your done making all the changes make sure to restart asterisk by using: sudo service asterisk restart These are all the changes I did to make everything work with my system. Once I get voice ID working I'll do an update. I hope this helps someone. It took me quite a few days of playing around trying to figure this out. Joe WROE856
  2. Well, this is actually a rewrite of round #2 and is technically round #3 now. I am reserving further judgement pending the outcome of my current situation. The (NEW) repeater came back from Bridgecom with a new, now external duplexer, as I had originally intended when I ordered it and, it initially seems to be just fine. Unfortunately that did not last long. Somewhere over the weekend, just days after putting it back on the air, the repeater died completely, no TX or RX. I can still talk to it with the software and it, from that perspective, is fine. However, there is no longer any receive or transmit. I've opened yet another ticket with their system and I am awaiting a response from Bridgecom. I expect I'll have to again shell out another $50 just to send it back. So this post is just a placeholder/heads up for now, based on what Bridgecom does in response. Personally, I am really pissed off and, extremely disappointed. I chose Bridgecom because of their (apparent) reputation and because it is a USA company. Right now, I'm feeling pretty stupid for that choice. However, as I stated previously, I'll reserve judgement after they have a chance to respond. In my nearly 50 years of working and playing in radio communications, I have never experienced such ridiculous repeat failures of a brand new piece of equipment. Stay Tuned.
  3. Anyone have any experience with Bridgecom and/or their Repeater? I have two questions which, I believe I know the answer, but would like confirmation. I tried calling and even leaving a message and 4 days later they have not responded. That leaves me wondering about the company despite their videos and website. Anyway... Q) The BCR-40U is advertised as 400-470 and so, duplexer aside, is the unit programmable across that range? Q) 'Pandemic" shipping issues aside, the website shows they currently have 4 of these repeaters in stock, but also notes call for 'lead time'. Does anyone know what that actually means? Are they talking about configuration time, is the unit being shipped in from Timbuktu, what? Also, if you have one of these units, what was your order to delivery (ballpark)? As noted, I have called them twice now and left messages with contact information and they simply don't return calls, or at least they don't return my calls. Q.) If you are an owner/operator of one of these units, what is your impression of the unit and/or the company? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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