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Dingotel used for other VoIP/RoIP solutions?



So I was browsing the internet and for giggles I started looking into what it would take to link two repeaters [between my house and my fathers.] I came across a product from Dingotel that builds a simple bridge between two radios/repeaters using their VoIP server.

I found it interesting and for the price of finding used devices on the net figured I would give it a try. There is one catch though, Dingotel went out of business in 2008. To my knowledge their servers are no longer online. Information about the company and product can be found here:



From what I can tell, the parts are nothing more than a USB sound card with an RX/TX adapter that goes into the mic port. Im not sure how well or if it even worked, though there seems to be a few posts in the past giving it good reviews.

I would like to know if anyone has any experience with this product. Likewise I would like to know which VoIP/RoIP service would support it if any or if at this stage it would be a waste of time and effort.

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Here is how I have my systems linked: You can use the Dingotel dongles with a radio that has vox. You need to make a custom cable for your application, what i do is unsolder the jack from the dongle and solder the cables directly to the dongle then connect to the radio. Works great. It works good with Baofeng UV5's for example. As for software, Team Speak 3, hands down. You need to set up your own server though and forward your ports. If you have a netgear router you can get a free static address with no-ip. Here is a link to my personal web page which explains about my linked system: http://scan-stg.wixsite.com/live/wqxc747-gmrs-intertie

If you wish you could link up with my server, if you wish to be separate from my links I could set you up your own channel on my server. if you want the ultimate combo (in my uneducated opinion) here is what I run for gate radios:

Computer: HP thin client with Team Speak 3. Interface: Signalink USB. GMRS RADIO: Kenwood TK-862G series radio (Simplex) or repeater of choice. That will make for a rock solid setup. If you want to know more our GMRS facebook group can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stgscanner/?ref=bookmarks   


I hope this helps you out, there seems to be little information out there about this topic. it's well worth pursuing our system is tons of fun!


Good, Luck and let me know, if I can help any further, Martin

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Thank you for the input Martin. Unfortunately the linking side of the project has been put on hold due to an odd issue I am having, (https://forums.mygmrs.com/topic/1122-odd-issue-with-range/ if your interested) However I will look into your page and setup. I was able to order an APRS cable from baofeng which basically goes from the 2 pin kenwood to single pin which works with the dingotel, but I couldnt get the client I was using to work, so Ill look into the teamspeak as well :)

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...Here is a link to my personal web page which explains about my linked system: http://scan-stg.wixsite.com/live/wqxc747-gmrs-intertie



I have been looking for a way to do RoIP between some arbitrary computer/phone and a GMRS radio and your project seems like it might employ the technology I am looking for.  I have found your new web page (https://central625.wixsite.com/gmrs/) and see you have switched from the DingoTel to using a SignalLink and Zello.


Given the low cost of the DingoTel (I found one for $12 on eBay) and the very simple needs of my project, that would seem to be the way to go. So, I would love to hear about your experiences and any advice you might have.



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