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Call sign ID on air

Guest Bob Herman

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Guest Bob Herman



If I am using GMRS channels on the air with my family members does each member have to give the call sign at the end of our conversation or every 15 minutes?  or does just the station operator ( me ) give the call sign?

I have 4 uniden radios that we use when traveling or camping and sometimes use the GMRS channels instead of the FRS chanels when needed but have not found any info if every individual radio user has to give the call sign. We label the radios unit 1 to unit 4 so we know who is who.

With HAM radio each user needs a license but with GMRS family members can use the radios with one license assigned.

I am aware we do not need to use call signs on FRS.


Thank you









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Each person operating a GMRS radio would need to identify with a callsign, as each operated radio is considered a station and all stations need to identify. The FCC permits including a unit identifier after the callsign.


If you're on blister-pack radios, they may have been recategorized as FRS radios in the September rule change. I can't find any info on Uniden's radios, so while the FCC re-examines type acceptance it's safe to assume they are still GMRS. 

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