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I think myGMRS should have a page dedicated to licensed GMRS travelers


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For people who often take road trips or often travel through states, it would be a good idea to have a state name plus it's open repeaters that travelers can program into their radios for road trips. If your traveling tomorrow you can program the freqs and pls without going thought the trouble of emails that you won't get back till a few days. It would be very convenient for everyone. Just a thought.

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Thanks for the feedback.  If you go to the main website and log in, the alphabetical state repeater list is kept up to date by Rich and as changes occur (and there are many each year) those updates are placed in that listing. Many systems on the list are OPEN and the data is there for you to view, once you log in. Since the main website is scanned by search engine spybots each day, having CTCSS or other access codes posted without security log in would not be a good idea from an unauthorized usage standpoint for the repeater owners. While the current protocol of requesting temporary permission for some repeaters may be less than prompt in some cases, it is the most secure way of handling those temporary permissions.  If you are going on a trip, simply allow yourself the required time to get the permissions from the owners before you leave. 

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