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Base Antenna sugestions



Hello all,


This fall I'm having a roofer do some gutter work....Thinking of asking him to mount an antenna for me.

 Does anyone have any ideas on a good antenna and mount???

I was looking at diamond antennas....

I have a gmrs repeater and also occasionally use vhf so I was thinking dual band.....

Would anyone recommend using two antennas uhf and vhf. I use the vhf only ,now and then, for MURS and Marine.

1/2 wave on uhf has worked the best for me in my area....

In the mean time I am using a 1/2 wave j pole slim jim I made from ladder line... on a 40ft fiberglass telescoping pole.

I was thinking maybe ground plane for the roof....I do like j poles tho......




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You can use a dual band antenna if your running a base station, but if you run a repeater, you should consider separate antennas, as you would have to be very careful. I don't do much VHF, but I do have a workman UV200 in storage. for the repeater we have also run the Comet 712. These fiber glass antennas flex a lot in gale force winds, need additional sealant or heat shrink around middle. If you are single story, get yourself a 20' section of  pole 2" pole and a house bracket, some even have the ability to tilt out for service. you can mount another 10' to that for about 30' without spending too much.

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