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Repeater Tones



ok maybe a silly question, just wanted to make sure.  If a listed repeater says there is no tone, my question is will that repeater operate if I transmit a tone anyway.

For example a repeater is listed as 462.675 NO TONE, if I transmit at 467.675 with the travel tone of 141.3 will I trigger the repeater or will the repeater reject the signal because a tone is attached ?

Just wanting to know if I would need to program in the frequency pairs with the travel tone and without the travel tone in case a repeater has no tone.

Thanks for indulging me



Citrus County Florida

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Thank you both for your responses - while I agree with both comments regarding not having a tone to activate the repeater, there are six repeaters listed on mygmrs in Florida that report no tone is used.

I was programing a GMRS radio for a vehicle that travels around the State of Florida. I keep a list in the vehicle of available repeaters by location as I do not program the same frequency pair in with the same PL code. For example there are 78 repeaters listed for Florida, while six report no tone, 28 of the others, while on different frequency pairs, all use 141.3 so they only require 8 programing slots rather than 28.

Because I have the receive side open - no tone - on the 8 frequency pairs utilizing 141.3 on the transmit side, I just wanted to confirm that I do not need to program in the 6 locations that report no tone required for their repeaters.  

While there are more than enough programing channels on a mobile radio, only a limited number of a hand held unit so avoiding duplicate entries is important.

Thank you for your learned responses, as always it is appreciated



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