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VXD-R70 & EVX-R70



Hello group, So I have a VXD-R70 repeater that I am trying to get working. It powers on and I can read/write the code plug. But when it powers on only the "power" light illuminates and it does not repeat. Can anyone help me with this?

On the EVX-R70 I replaced the connector board and the repeater board on this unit and can no read/write the code plug but again, I only get the power light to illuminate and the repeat function does not work. Seems like I am doing something wrong here. 
Can someone please help?! Thank you!!

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I'm starting to look through the manual(s) available online. As far as I can tell, the fan is supposed to spin up to speed and then turn off when it is powered on. Does it do that? I'm looking through the installation manual and page 5 looks useful. Can you see if what is described there looks like what you observe on your repeater (LEDs, etc.)?


5.2.1 Front Panel LEDs

After turning ON the repeater power (or after a repeater reset), the 8 LEDs on the repeater

front panel:

• Light for about one second to indicate that they are functional, then

• Go off for one second, then

• Indicate the operational status of the repeater.

Next stop for me later today is to try to find a service manual online and a user's guide with a troubleshooting section.

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Look at page 3...


3.1.1 LED Indicator Descriptions



At first glance, what I'm thinking is this:


If the fan doesn't spin up at all, the repeater will not let the transmitter come online.

The LEDs are all supposed to light to indicate that they all work.

If you aren't getting an LED configuration that matches table 3.1.1 then it might not be a more routine issue. It might be something deeper.

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Thank you for your response. So when I power on both repeaters they both fully power up and the fans spin. The Power light is green and the Disabled light blinks red as it normally does. After roughly 3 seconds the Disabled light goes dark and stops blinking, at that time the Digital or Analog lights should go solid but they do not. It is only the Green Power light that remains on. 

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