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Cross-Banding GMRS question


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95.1745 determines what type of remote control (this would be remote control, operating outside the immediate vicinity of the transmitter) is permissible. Only fixed, base, and repeater stations may be remotely controlled. For a mobile station, those can only be operated while in the vehicle, with exception to on-premises use where the vehicle is located. You'll also want to make sure ineligible users shouldn't readily have access to the link; pretty easy with DTR. Since those are Part 15, there isn't much regulation against what you can interconnect those with. The only issues I see would result from unlicensed operators using the radio remotely and exceeding operator distance limits for stations ineligible for remote control. It's regulated same as Bluetooth.


DTR radios (such as the DTR650) are much more capable radios and should give better range with their superior antennas. DTRs occasionally pop up here and are quite useful in their own right. Sadly the new DTR700 and related drops the SMA connector and uses some weird lug.

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Bluetooth speaker-mics are legal on the personal radio services, now, so it sounds like I'm good.


Are you suggesting that the older DTR and DLR radios had SMA antenna connectors?  Now I'm back to wanting a VHF/UHF/900 antenna for the truck, the house, &c.


I can see some concern with unlicensed operators, but I really don't think it's a huge concern -- only place I've seen the DTRs is at the local YMCA, and I can pretty easily program a user and group ID that they don't use, on the off chance that I'm driving by there and am briefly in range while they're transmitting.


I think this solves my "cheapish tiny portable repeater" problem pretty elegantly, though!  :D

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