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New GMRS Radios and Accessories???


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I sent the following e-mail to the Bridgecom Systems sales department:


To Whom it may concern:

Regarding the BCM-440 70cm: Too bad you do not have a GMRS (Part 95E Compliant) version of this radio, they would probably sell like hot cakes. Midland USA ( https://midlandusa.com/micromobile/ ) has entered into the GMRS market with a consumer GMRS radio product line, but has managed to overlook things like independent control of PL/DCS encode/decode on a memory channel. When PL/DCS is turned on, it's active on both transmit and receive, on some GMRS repeater networks you do not want to use PL/DCS on receive because multiple encode tones can access the repeater system.

In my opinion Midland is showing how inexperienced they are at producing anything more than CB's and Radar Detectors. Bridgecom Systems could produce a much nicer GMRS radio(s) with some commercial features that would add real value to the product line for the end user.

You may wish to contact the site owner of mygmrs.com for some additional feedback. Also, it is my understanding that some of the GMRS Community is already using the Bridgecom UHF Repeater product and its accessories.

Best Regards,
Russ Brill


Other members of the mygmrs.com website may wish to do the same..

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