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KENWOOD TKR-820 Programming Needed???



Hello, everyone.


I just recently acquired a KENWOOD TKR-820 repeater, and I would like to know if anyone can point me in the direction of someone that can program the thing for me. I'm located in the Ogden area, so somewhere close would be most convenient.


Thanks in advance to all that reply.







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I can't really help with the programming. But, here are a couple of pages you might want to look at.

http://www.repeater-builder.com/kenwood/kenwood-repeater-index.html, in particular: http://www.repeater-builder.com/kenwood/tkr-n20-bit-banging/tkr-n20-bit-banging.html

and also: http://www.thetkrguy.com


Also, you might just look for a KPT20 or KPT50 programmer used, like: https://www.ebay.com/c/1220341434

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Does anyone know if the KPT-50 is the ONLY piece of equipment needed to program a TKR-820 repeater? Or are there other pieces of equipment that are needed in order to program this repeater??...


Did you see this article on repeater builder? Here is the relevant part.

RF Frequency Programming:

Presently there are three ways to program a TKR-n20:

Using the Kenwood KPT-20, which operates standalone (with its own keyboard and screen).

Using the Kenwood KPT-50, which can operate standalone (with its own keyboard and screen), or using a PC with KPG-21D software (the required Kenwood software package - much easier).

Using some math and the techniques used in this article by Matt Krick K3MK.


The KPT-50 and the PC software is MUCH easier to use than the KPT-50 by itself, and that is much easier than a KPT-20.



And, you might try this link

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If ya was local I would be more than happy to help but since I am in Omaha NE...

I have a KTP-50 and the software KPT-21D. Its a 2 min job!

The KPT 20 is a stand alone unit that requires you remove the chip from the front of the radio, insert this chip into the programmer and peck away at the self contained keyboard, reinstall the chip and your off.

The KTP 50 is a later model programmer that plugs into the connector up front under the top cover and the other lead plugs into the mic jack which powers the unit. There is a DB25 pin connector on the programmer that can be connected to a computer DB9 serial port, fire up the software (DOS based) and read, type new specs and write back to radio.


I would check around your location for a Kenwood 2 way dealer they should have the service available for a shop fee. 


What about a duplexer? Does your TKR have one built in? Do you have an external one? Will it need tuned to the new freqs?


There is a couple of services you can ship your radio to for the programming about 30-50 bucks for the service but by the time you your ship the heavy thing both ways your going to be pinging over $100 bucks!

I have never see a used programmer for sale. Those that have them are like me not willing to give it up [yet] ;).


Good luck,

Rick H...

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