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Repeater to repeater

Guest Stan

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Just put in for license today,so can’t register yet. New to this, saw that there is a repeater in my area. It needs permission,so I guess when license comes through, I email him for permission,and if granted,he gives the frequencies? Then I put them in the radio, and I can use the repeater? Also, live in the mtns of Az, so I expect transmissions to be limited, hence my interest in repeater. Can you use a repeater to contact another repeater, to increase distance, seems like a no,but was wondering. Thanks

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You can't use a repeater to "call" another repeater per-se, however, there are many linked repeater systems available, where many repeaters are linked together, so when you are talking on one of them, you are in fact on all of them simultaneously.  I think there might be a linked system in your area.  I'll let other members chime in on the details.

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