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Trying to communicate between Retcvis RT27 Motorola T465

Guest John M

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I am trying to get a set of Retcvis RT27 to communicate with a Motorola Talkabout T465 FRS/GMRS band radio. I am using channel 3  to diagnose the issue I am having. When I call the  Motorola Talkabout with the RT27 you can hear can hear the call,  but when the other Motorola Talkabout tries to contact the RT-27 it appears to receive the transmission the LED turns green but you can’t hear the other party transmitting from the Motorola Talkabout , I'm guessing the LED turning green is an indication it's receiving the signal from the Motorola.

I checked the frequencies and both transmit and receive are set to  462.61250 which is the FRS/GMRS frequency for Chanel 3.

Also the RT27 radios can transmit and receive between each other without any issues.

I am using the RT27-22ch software   V1.0.0

Is there a setting I need to adjust in the software ? also is there a manual on the software.

In the manual it says to go under CTCSS/DCS Decode and Encode there is no tab or menu for this action in the software. There is only DCS Encrypt column there is a QT/DQT Dec/Enc. column are these the same things.

I tried to change privacy frequencies on the Motorola Talkabout and on 19 you can kind of hear a response but the squelch is extremely loud

If I plug the ear pieces into the RT27 it makes no difference.


Thank you for any assistance.



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