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Used Kenwood for GMRS

Guest Alan

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Hi guys. Been reading some of your posts about mobiles. Seems you may have steered me towards buying some used Kenwood's vs the new Micro Midlands I was looking at.


Guess for now my question is, I've found Kenwood TK-8360HU UHF 40w at used-radios.com. Band split is 450-520Mhz.

Will be using these on the GMRS bands (post license) primarily on simplex mobile to mobile while trail riding with friends.


Are these radios still compliant to use with current FCC rules? Grandfathered in maybe?


We are trying to stay as legal as possible but also want to use good radios to communicate, stay together, and stay safe.




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The easy way to find out is to fine the FCC-ID number on the radio and run it through the database.


In this case, the radios FCC ID number should be K44-415502


Running it in the FCC database, https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid we find this:

The radio is compliant for Parts 22, 74, 90, and 90.210. For GMRS use we want Part 95.

Now, Many will say a part 90 radio is good enough for GMRS use. Usually the main reasons a part 90 radio would not be part 95 certified are due to digital signaling and encryption/scrambler, both of which are forbidden on GMRS channels.

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Thank you for the response. I don't know enough about the radio to know why it's only 90 certified.

Pretty new to the whole GMRS/commercial radio deal. Finally got my license yesterday and waiting for the database to allow me to sign up here.


Was hoping to find decent used Kenwood radios to use in our utv's. We would need to be able to reach about 3-4 miles out in rural, wooded, hilly areas on simplex. Was thinking we would need the watts to communicate that far.

Any suggestions that would work? Is a radio that is 95A compliant ok (like the TK-880H) or just type 95 (tk-880)? Just trying to not break the law... much.


Thanks again.

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Just an FYI.  I just went through exactly what you're doing.  I ended up with a Kenwood TK-880-1 V2 @ 25w from used-radios.  You can do some searching on this forum for the benefits (or not) of 40w over 25 (draws 12A vs 8A on TX, is 1" deeper).  I'm still considering the 880H for my pickup with more room to mount and dual battery reserve (not that I intend to TX from the SxS for long w/o it running).  Installed mine in a 2019 Yamaha Wolverine X4.  I think I'm going to like it.  Got a couple HT as well to hand out to family when on the trail.


Lots of help here and I've covered a lot of the questions you might have. You can search my posts for the answers I got on the topic.  Or chime in with me and I'll do what I can.

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Thanks everyone for their help so far.

Finally got registered. Fuggawi is the user name.

Still have some questions but ended up buying (3) TK-880H V2.0. Should see them on Tuesday.

I will post other questions in the appropriate area as they come along.


Extreme, I see what we're using them for is becoming a little more common. I like your idea of a couple HT's for other family members to keep in touch on the trail as well.

I'll probably get in touch with you on a few things as we get further along in the process.



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