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BTech 50X1 start up beep



I just purchased a BTECH 50X1.   Every time the power is turned on or turned off, it emits a horribly loud beeping tone.  In Gods name, someone please have some idea how to eliminate this noise.   I am very hard of hearing.   I spent my Naval career working the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier.   I spent a lot of hours standing next to very large Jet engines at full afterburner while waiting for them to be catapulted off the pointy end of the ship.   I have to cover my ears before turning this dang thing on or off.   It physically hurts my ears.   Did I mention the crap I am taking from my wife.   Oh Yes, I am taking a lot of crap from her over this noise.   She refuses to turn the radio in the car on so we can have communications while she is out running errands because the noise scares her.   


 Volume control has no effect on the radio or the wife.

 Shouting at it has no effect on the radio, however the wife... Well that's another topic.

 Throwing things at it has no lasting effect on the radio, again, the wife.... Well not a good idea.

 Placing a pillow over it and sitting on it during the insertion of elimination of power seems to be the only effective way of reducing the volume at this point.   Radio quiets down, however the wife......she threatened to call the cops if I did it agian.


So as you can see, I am at my wits end.   Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of the annoying beep.   I'm keeping the wife, it's her money if you get my drift....



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I guess the wife is smarter than I am....   She proved to me that the volume does in fact eliminate the beep if you have it turned down all the way.....   I don't know how I missed that, but I feel really stupid now.   Well the wife's happy, so Happy Wife, Happy Life....   I'm good now.   See Ya on the Air Waves.

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