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8900d GMRS to UV5r



For some reason, I can't get my QYT KT-8900d to talk to my UV5r.  My UV5r's will RX/TX to each other fine.  The UV5r's will TX/RX to cheap bubble pack radios.  My QYT will RX from the UV5's, but when keyed I only hear static on the UV5's or the cheap radios.  


I'm using CHIRP and have gone over the programming but see no problems.


Anyone else have this issue?  Again, no issues with cheap radios TX/RX, no problems with RX on 8900d.  Just no TX on 8900d to other gmrs radios.


BTW - 8900d works fine on our HAM reapeater/Simplex to other HAMs.


My only thought is testing them I'm too close together, but in vehicles I have the same problem.  Could it be over modulating/power too high for the other radios?



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