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Found a new digital Ham App for you Android device and Windows 10 machine.


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DROIDSTAR for android. Dudestar for Windows 10.


Droidstar playstore link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dudetronics.droidstar&hl=en_US


** You need a valid call sign. 

** It is listen only.. they want to add transmit capability

** the AMB conversion is done via software so a slow device is not something I would recommend.



###Both do DSTAR, DMR, P25, YSF NXDN


DUDESTAR For WIndows 10https://github.com/nostar/dudestar


##Receive only unless you have a USB AMBE chip or mmdvm. Then you can transmit


it will crash...if you leave the host empty.

1.) choose your mode IE. "YSF"

2. Choose your host "Americalink"

3. Enter your callsign.

4. hit connect

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