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Kenwood LMR for Ham?


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Can the TK-805 be used for ham frequencies, in paticular 444.300mhz?


Are there any other Kenwood LMR radios that can?

In the way of hand held radios I've used the TK-370-K, TK-370G-1 and the TK-3160.


Generally the 450 MHz to 470 MHz frequency split versions can go outside of the official range by 10 MHz or so. My favorite is the TK-370G-1 model. By the way it's also Part 95 certified so there is no question it's legal to use on GMRS. It's found on Ebay for a reasonable price if you look carefully. Batteries and antennas are readily available if the one you want doesn't have it. It can use the cheap Baofeng type speaker mics, head sets, antennas (yes they use the reverse SMA type on these radios just like the Chinese) and programming cable. 




I've also had good luck with the TK-270G-1 VHF version for 2 meters.


Both radios are bigger than most of the newer compact radios, heavier but built like a tank. If you get one be sure you get a charger with it if not look for the KSC-16.


I've had good luck finding the programming software for it, KPG-56D. Forget using Chirp. I've never had a version of it that didn't mess up trying to enter frequencies in to it for the "G" versions. For the simple TK-370-K it seems to work OK.

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The TK-370G-1 looks pretty rugged. There is one ebay seller asking about $90.00. Thanks for letting me know about those. I'll keep those on the back burner.


Right now, I want a mobile radio. I have the TK-805 mobile. Sounds like it might work for 444.300mhz. I have it set up now for gmrs, but I am too far away from any of the gmrs repeaters.

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