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L-Com antenna experience


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I have one. I just mounted mine about 55' AGL for use with my repeater. Before that, I have only tested it at about 20', so the jury is out on it. I don't have an antenna analyzer to verify what frequency it is resonant at, but the SWR was low on GMRS.  I should get my analyzer in the next 30 days, and I will update this post after i sweep the antenna. 

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My RigExpert shows that this antenna is center-tuned (as close to 1:1 as possible) at 468mhz. 1.2:1 or less from 463-473. Build quality-the fiberglass radome feels thicker than that of my Laird FG03, and thinner than the Super StationMasters that I have. The one concern I have is the pigtail...not quality-wise; but I wonder what type of coaxial cable was used. Is it made with "dissimilar metals", and if so, will the RF grunge effect occur and cause problems in such a short run? So far, I think the antenna is a bargain. I may buy another to use for my base station.  With the bottom of the antenna at 55' AGL, I can reach as far as 30 miles in some directions, even with terrain that should make this impossible. I would put the average range of the repeater at 15 miles. within 10 miles, stations using low power HTs can get into it. I am still going my informal footprint survey. 

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