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Wouxon KG-805G Alarm/PF2 function...



I have found that my KG-805G HT transmits a DTMF sequence when once activates the "Alarm/PF2" button and the siren sounds.

I had inadvertently bumped the button, the siren sounded and my scanner picked up the transmission the channel I had selected At the time.

I downloaded a installed a DTMF app on my cell phone in an attempt to determine what the DTMF message being sent was. All it came up with was a "101010" pattern.

So, be forewarned that a distress message in DTMF IS being transmitted on the current frequency when the alarm is activated.

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101010 is binary for 42. I've heard the chinese radios using 110, 010, 119, 111, and 991. Usually the emergency/panic button is a 3 digit number, and will include the ANI which is a 3 or 4 digit number used to identify the radio.  So, if I were to press the panic button with my id numbers installed it would dial out 968_110 or A968_101.

Either way its not a common distress signal and to my knowledge doesn't activate any other radios the way MDC1200 or Fleetsync does.

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I can confirm that the first three DTMF digits transmitted when the alarm button is pressed are in-fact the ANI-ID value that can be set in the software. I tried many different values in the software’s ANI-ID field and had consistent results. I could not however identify the exact source of the last three digits of the code. None of the other editable fields in the software that accepted numbers seemed to affect those values. If anyone learns differently, post a reply to this.







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