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Does anyone have any idea what the name or model number of this unit was.  When i was with dnr in the late 80's we got a few emergency radios that looked like a big lunch box with a telephone handset, built in battery underneath, and the antenna mounted on one end....any clue what it was?  would love to have one in uhf.  


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Motorola made quite a few in that general time period. When I was in uniform in the early 70's, those were standard issue for search and rescue operations and had fairly good range. The P-11 and P-13 shown below were two of the more popular models. The telephone handset was a factory option that disabled the internal speaker on top of the unit as the handset was lifted off the optional handset cradle:




This is one of the first handset portables from 1949 - two watts and virtually useless:






And then there was the H-23.... a real nightmare to carry around all day:



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