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This is off topic. I have some light-linkers. They are a data radio that transmit at a max rate of 57K or something like that.

They are used to transmit data to my Christmas light show. 

The transmit power is 15mw with a unity gain ducky.

Was thinking to upgrading the OEM antenna  to a 4db walkie talkie antenna.

What to you think that would do for range and through output?




Also this also falls under part 97 as weill.

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...Was thinking to upgrading the OEM antenna  to a 4db walkie talkie antenna....


You could be opening a can of worms. For one thing, the antennas could have completely different impedances. Also, unless all the antennas, Rx & Tx, are in the same plane and polarization, you could make the situation worse.


So, unless you are having problems with the current system, and know the problems are being caused by a weak signal rather than by some other issue, like interference, I would suggest you just leave it alone. 

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