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When is the Westland Michigan repeater coming online

Guest Stephen

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Very good question! I meet with a group of guys at the Rams Horn Thursday night around 6:30 PM on Middle Belt Road south of Joy Road for coffee, at least when the governor let the restaurants open. We're all at least Ham Radio people. Whenever I'm out that way I try that GMRS repeater. So far nothing.


The Troy 575 machine, close to I-75 and 16 mile road, works and there are around 30 some people who have requested access to it so far. A regular net meeting is being organized for Sunday nights at 7 PM




Also there is what I believe to be a GMRS repeater illegally being used by the housekeeping staff at the Lakeside Mall. This might be an old system grandfathered in by the FCC, but I haven't found any license to verify this.


For a while now I’ve been picking up sporadic communications on the Troy Repeater’s output frequency from some maintenance staff, at the time the source was unknown. I’m sure this is the Lakeside Mall's housekeeping staff since I heard a call about a hand sanitizer station that needed a battery replacement on the mall’s security frequency. Tthen a second or so later I heard the same exact guy calling the mall’s maintenance staff on FRS/GMRS channel 16, the same channel the Troy repeater uses. I've never heard anybody ID nor a repeater ID. I found the PL toned used is 186.2 Hz. This is a different tone from the one used by the Troy 575 repeater.

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