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No Ground Plane Antenna for Corvette



Just bought my first mobile radio and am looking for suggestions on a good antenna set up for a Corvette. Considering a through the glass mount antenna, no ground plane required.


Any one have a suggestion other than through the glass?

Any experience with the PCTEL AP454.3?

Any experience with the Tram 1187?


Someone told me that I would need to remove my window tint in order for the glass mount antenna to work properly.  Can anyone confirm this?


Radio - Midland MXT275, 467 MHz

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Since it's a fiberglass body you need an antenna that doesn't require a ground plane. I would also guess you don't want to drill any holes in the body either. The through the glass antennas that a few people I know that tried them weren't happy with the results.


One thing I have seen done is a trailer hitch antenna mount, assuming you have one. The links give you some ideas.






Also a few people bolted a bracket to the frame under the vehicle that sticks out on the side. The antenna mounts on that using a small mast. Some more ideas to look at.



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Which year Corvette, or which Generation (C3, C4, C5) ? 


Some people have used aluminum foil under the trunk lid (on notchbacks, for C5s), but if you have a coupe, then your options go down quick, especially if your AM/FM antenna is in-glass.


Previous poster is pretty much right, most of the through glass antennas will be too big and will make the car look horrible, and won't perform that well, especially for simplex, non repeater assisted.


If your car has an AM/FM antenna post, I would use that, take the antenna mount out and repurpose with an SMA male, and stick an APX8000 antenna there. That thing will be better than most "China tuned" paper clips...err. antennas.


Factory tint won't affect the antenna performance. I've tried on several cars. Aftermarket, that I cannot confirm.



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