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70cm, "440MHz" Band Ham Antennas for GMRS



Probably this has already been discussed over the years. 


I finally got around to testing a couple of my mag mount 70cm or 440MHz ham band antennas on my Wouxun 805G GMRS.

The SWR was below 1.5:1 even with a very undersized ground plane.

Probably would have been much better with a larger ground - like on an actual car. 

Both of these were dual band 2M/70cm antennas.


So, for my money, these ham antennas will work just fine.

Many are tunable so you can tweak them in even better.

If your standards are higher you can make your own decision.


Since there are many more Ham band antennas available they offer a better selection and price.

In my case I already have these antennas so it's a no-brainer.  They're free.





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I've had good luck using my old dual band Comet CA-2x4MB, no ground plane required, on the Jeep. On the GMRS frequencies I get 1.3:1 at 462 MHz, 1.05:1 at 464 MHz and 1.5:1 at 468 MHz. On the 2M and 70cm Ham bands the match is good. Surprising it's OK on the 5 MURS frequencies too.


I have another one I've used indoors, never been exposed to the outside weather, and performs about the same.

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