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Antenna Distance Between Scanner and GMRS



I have a Tram Discone 1410 on top of a 27 foot pole for my scanner.  I thought I'd try to run my Tram 1486  beside it on the mounted to the same pole for my GMRS base.  They both work, of course, but the GMRS transmissions cause a squeal in the scanner.  I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes.  I should have known better. 


So, now the question is how far do I need to move it away?  Would placing it about four or five feet above the scanner help or should I just start an entirely new antenna pole?  I'm leaning that way but I kind of thought I was mostly done with my investment at this point.   

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I'm not an expert on this topic by any means but as WRAK968 said in his post it makes sense that the antennas are too close. You might be overpowering the receiver on the scanner causing feedback. Squeals are usually feedback based, as opposed to say Hums, which are electrical - ground loop based or such.


Can you adjust the output wattage on the transmitter? If so drop it to the lowest setting and try it again. If the squeal diminishes you have your answer. If that's the case then you might not be able to eliminate all feedback if you have a lot of transmit wattage, and might have to relocate the scanner antenna.





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