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I want to learn more and continue to radio community !

Guest TiPhoon

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Guest TiPhoon

I’m recently turned on to GMRS & Amateur Radio and got completely hooked right away! I’m looking to go full radio nerd but need help doing it :) After procuring my FRN and GMRS license (WRKU328) I got myself set up to take the technician exam 03/07 for HAM.


I’ve watched everything I can find on YouTube about the art but it’s just not cutting it anymore. I’m hoping to find a club or something where I can rub elbows with fellow enthusiasts and learn and contribute to the community. I have some disposable income for hobbies like this and I’d like to think eventually I can help the community by setting up another repeater but I want to do it right and in line with status quo.


I also have a place in La Pine Oregon 2 hours east of Eugene over the Willamette Pass. From what I can tell looking at myGMRS.com there is hardly any infrastructure that supports GMRS to speak of over there. Perhaps one day I would be able to set up a repeater over there as well?

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Finding a Ham club is the best way to get into a local class.  (I am an extra class ham since 1985)

Of course, right now the problem is Covid and most classes have been cancelled.

Some clubs are having zoom meetings so you can at least do that.


I lived around Portland for 25 years (before moving to Spokane).  

There are several clubs around Portland and one even operates a 5W FM broadcast radio station on Cooper mtn in Beaverton.

It's kind of fun to listen to because they do ads for ham radio and things like that. 

There are some good ham clubs there but some may be a bit too serious. 

I'm sure there are also clubs in Eugene or Salem that you'll want to join.


The Rickreall hamfest is something you'll want to go to when it returns and absolutely the Seaside Hamfest (in June) when it returns.

I'm pretty sure these are still cancelled for this year.   Rickreall would normally be right around now.


Lapine might be a good place for a ham station or a GMRS repeater.

You can just have an HF antenna there and bring your radio along on trips.


Thanks for the kind offer to let us stay at your place in LaPine when we come down there.

I did not get the address though. :-)



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