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Motorola CB300-D DLR based retail call box

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So it is really interesting. There is a analog version the CB200-U and M versions. One of which is a Walmart dedicated device. I've got one to play around with and the DLR programming cable will set parameters to the call box but not set special audio files. For that you need a "programmer" which motorola doesn't actually make, Alerttech does. Im trying to get my hands on one of these programmers but its really been a struggle. If you ever worked in target or Lowes and you herd "Customer needs assistance at the home improvement section. Who is responding?" That's one of the call boxes just in a different case made specific for that bisuness. The CB300-D is the DLR equivalent and works the same way. I'm not sure if I would pay the $500 price tag for a one way pager lol but a nice option none the less. 

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On 2/27/2021 at 7:32 PM, n1das said:
Motorola CB300-D DLR based retail call box:







I haven't seen any of these yet in my travels.





I seem to have found one at Walmart in the wild! And of course you can hear it working since everyone has there radios on full blast lol! Although this is the CB-200M (or U) version for analog Murs. 


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