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Midland MXT400 resets the TX code to the RX code


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Setup my radio with split codes to use a local repeater

  1. Loaded TX code 87 and 84 on RX. Used Midland's PC app and programming cable.
  2. Tested the repeater using two 400 radios. TX and RX worked fine.
  3. Then I merely checked the DCS code by pressing the TC/DCS button once.  I normally do this on any channel that has DCS set. It’s a way just to check your code.
  4. Afterwards the radio would not transmit. It could only receive.
  5. So I downloaded the settings from the radio to the computer. As I suspected, the TX code had been changed back to 84, same as RX code!
  6. So it appears that IF I NEVER TOUCH THE TC/DCS button while on a repeater channel the setup continues to work just fine. Even if you accidentally touch the button, you’ll not be able to TX on that repeater station that requires split codes.
  7. One of the issues is that you never understand the problem nor be able to fix it unless you have a PC with you and can download and reset the TX codes.
  8. Very inconvenient. Anyone could accidentally touch the TC/DCS button. I guess I could lock the radio by pressing the call button and holding it. That is a work around, not a solution in my opinion.
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