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Laird 5db ground plane or Laird 5db no ground plane?



I just bought a 2021 Silverado 2500HD and want to put my radio in it.  Instead of dropping the headliner im going to put a back Rack on it and put a Laird BB4505CR (requires ground plane) or a BB4505CNS (no ground plane). Both are 5db gain. If I used the BB4505CR that requires a ground plane. I would have to make a plate to put it on. If I remember it requires a 7" ground plane. Would 7" be best or if I made it 10" would that be better?  or I could just cut a 3/4" hole in the middle of the back rack and use a BB4505CNs no ground plane. 

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Generally, a no ground plane antenna will work better then one requiring one and fabbing one.


A no ground plane antenna will work even better with some ground plane available.


I would do the 10". Make sure the rack has continutiy to the bed and cab. In which case make increase the available groundplane.


I would expect some radiation pattern biases due to proximity of other metal surfaces ie, cab, bed trunks and the bed.

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Pretty much. Had some what the same problem with my burb. The sunroof slid so far back it limited some options.


So even a mag mount might work better then a permanent install. Some options on your truck. But even then everything is going to be a compromise of sorts.


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