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GMRS-v1 or MXT275 DCS issue?

Guest mtnbrit

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Guest mtnbrit

Hi, I have an odd issue. I have the MXT275 in my vehicle and we use a B-tech GMRS-V1 HT. I temporarily have set them up to use FRS channel 2 and DCS code 122 (menu 86 on the MXT275 and menu 020 on the B-tech). It mostly works, but when the HT is transmitting to the MXT275, it opens the squelch only for about 1-2 seconds and then audio mutes, but the RX signal bar is still shown on the 275 screen. Ive tested the GMRS-V1 with another baofeng UV82c and it seems to hold the squelch open just fine for the duration of the transmission. TX from the Baofeng UV82c also seems to hold the squelch of the MXT275 open just fine. So im not sure if this is an issue with the MXT275 or the B-tech GMRS-V1.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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