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Decoder, Encoder, Uplink, Downlink?



Hi Folks,

   Looking at Repeater web sites, I see that they may enter a repeater with info like this:

Downlink: 462.725 Uplink: 467.725 Uplink Tone: 141.3 Travel Tone: check.gif YES ORI: check.gif YES County: Sumter Owner: WQVR264 Use: OPEN Op Status: onair.png On-Air Last update: 2019-11-25


My radios offer a Decoder (Downlink?) Encoder (Uplink) option. 

If no Downlink tone is mentioned as in the item above, does that mean I leave it blank, or is it 'assumed' that I enter 141.3 in the download as well as the uplink field?


Thank You.


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Good Day.


Repeaters almost always require you to encode a CTCSS or DCS code into your transmit signal to get into and use the repeater. Use of a code on the receive side of your radio is customary, but always discretionary. Most repeaters in my experience transmit back a code as well, which may or may not be the same as it requires you to use to get into the repeater. If it does transmit a code it is purely for your benefit. It allows you to set that code in your receiver so you have the reasonable ability to exclude all other signals on that frequency from opening squelch on your radio so you only hear that repeater. But since it is possible that other repeaters and even simplex users within radio range of you may use the same frequency, setting the Rx code in your radio helps you control which radios you hear. If you did not put in the code, you would hear all radios transmitting on the frequency nearby you. And if you keyed up in response to them, they may not hear you.


I hope that helps.







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Your radio should be set:


Downlink (RX for you) 462.7250

Uplink (TX for you) 467.7250

Decoder/Encoder Tone (CTCSS 141.3)


A downlink tone is nothing more than a tone to allow you to block other traffic outside of the repeaters

Uplink tone allows you to key the repeater.

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