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Cross Band Radio? Is it like a mini repeater?



I was looking at putting in a small base station in my home so I could better hit a repeater in my area. My hand helds put out 5W.

I know with a remote antenna on a small tower I already have and a more powerful radio it would be easier.


I was told that the best type of base station would be some thing like the TYT Quad Band Transceiver TH 9800 that also does cross band repeater mode.


I was told that this style unit would let my hand helds bounce off this base station and hot the repeater thus extending the range of my hand helds exponentially.


Amazon has them for about $260 and then I will need the antenna, cable and power supply set up.

Can anyone give me some insight on this?


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Hello, Joe, and Welcome to the MyGMRS Forum.


The radio that you are considering is Amateur Only.  It is not type accepted for ANY radio service and can only be used legally under Amateur radio regulations.


There are ways of increasing portable range to a repeater, but most of those are not legal in conjunction with GMRS frequencies.  You can read about the most popular way of doing this here below from a discussion at RadioReference.com, but this is not something that is covered under Part 95 Rules for GMRS. Wish that we had better news for you.



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