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Wouxun Kg1000g



ok looking for advice or whatever on this radio. I have it installed but it seems

I cant hear audio from repeater channels unless I open squelch all the way. seems to lose the tone settings too. I have reset the unit and reapplied the programming. 

what am I doing wrong,  new antennas that worked fine with the Kenwood I had in the truck. 

 I bought this because I heard how great it was. Its not blowing my skirt up at this point. :) 




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Good Morning Grant.

Are you setting the tones via the factory configuration software or front panel?

If you are setting the tones via front panel there are some behavior things you need to be aware of.

The ‘Menu’ doubles both as a function Menu button as well as a setting Save button. When you go into the function menu by pressing the ‘Menu’ button while in the VFO or Channel Mode, you need to press ‘Menu’ again to Save each and every change that you make that you want written to memory. Conversely, you need to press ‘Exit’ if you do not want to commit your change. But also, you never what to hit the ‘Exit’ button unless you do not want to change the active memory, even if you technically did not make a change.

If you are activating the function menu, going to a tone menu, setting the Tone and then pressing ‘Exit’, your new setting is not being saved. You have to press ‘Menu’ again to commit it.

Also, there is an interaction between the various tone menus that are not explained in the menu nor are intuitive/familiar to understood. There are two separate tone menus for Tx and two for Rx. One for CTCSS and one for DCS. These are mutually exclusive. You cannot have a non-zero (off) value in both at the same time. Saving a setting in the Tx-CTCSS menu clears the value in the Tx-DCS menu and vice versus.

He are some examples of what you could be doing that is causing the issue.
1) You activate the function menu, go to one of the Tx tone menus, scroll to the value you want, then press ‘Exit’. If you do this, your new setting is not written to memory. Gong!
2) You activate function menu, go to the Tx-CTCSS menu, scroll to the value you want, then press ‘Menu’. Great, your new setting is saved. Yeh! However, if you now go to the other Tx-DCS menu, see that it is Zero (or Off) and hit ‘Menu’ again even though you made no change you are also clearing the Tx-CTSSS menu. Gong!

While the user interface design for this is very, very poor and counter intuitive, it is learnable.

Let me know if this helps.


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