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Retevis RB17A


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Bought a pair of Retevis RB17A GMRS HT radios. So far fairly impressed. 2200mAh batteries, solid clip on belt clip, and the color is nice as it should make it stand out against the ground if dropped. The antenna is "fixed" with a set screw but is removable and the connector on the radio is SMA-M. If you want to use a different antenna you will need to adapt that as there are not tons of SMA-F antennas around, most are male. I have no need to change the antennas but could if I wanted. Build quality is very sold. Range testing in a very dense urban environment netted me 1.1 mile to a mobile users on an MXT275. Have not tested HT to HT yet in urban environment. Programming is slightly challenging and requires the Retevis software and Chirp to accomplish the programming. Retevis software can do all the programming except for changing all channels from narrowband to wideband. Chirp should be used for setting the channel width but nothing else. The repeater channels appear "backwards" when in Chirp but they are not. I have confirmed this with some basic testing and also the Retevis software shows them as correct, as does the manual. Check out these radios on Amazon and I have posted a review including a video that shows how to get the Retevis software changed from Chinese to English. Side button can be programmed to monitor or as a scan button. Scan channels must be configured via programming. I got these radios for simplicity as I can hand them to family with minimal training and they can easily be used. I would say they are a solid option if you're looking for a "no screen" handheld



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