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Gonna program my M1225 with the repeater pairs and Interstitial freqs.


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After I program my M1225 with the 15 channels leaves me 5 channel spots anybody have any Ideas what I should put in these and I'd rather not put Ham repeaters I have a separate rig for that. I'm not too familiar with UHF any weather frequencies in this spectrum ? our police went to 800Mhz Fire is on VHF just curious if anybody had any good Ideas, may just leave em blank.

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Robert - Welcome to MyGMRS Forum... nice to have you with us.  Your M1225 might be used for receive only on your Clark County EMS patch on 460.62500. As you know, most everything in UHF for State Operations is P-25, now, but there are a few Interoperability UHF channels in FM narrowband that might be used locally between agencies.  Those would be RECEIVE frequencies of  453.21250,  453.46250, 453.71250, and 453.86250.  These are interagency calling and tactical frequencies.


Good luck with your project.

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