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Motorola Curve Series 900MHz FHSS digital radio, DTR/DLR compatible, with WiFi added


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This application appeared today on fccid.io: AZ489FT7146

Motorola is adding to their 900MHz FHSS digital on-site business radios with the Curve Series. It is a DLR style radio with 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi added to it. I don't understand the "Curve" name to it. Should be interesting. It doesn't appear to have any Bluetooth capability but that might come in a future model. The 900MHz FHSS digital system is compatible with the DTR and DLR series radios.


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They look a little bit like the cheap CLS analog series radios. I  have a buddy that picked up a CLS-1110 and CLS-1410 on eBay some time back. You can't do much with them due to the frequencies are preprogrammed, and you can only pick from the list. I guess if you're miles from nowhere nobody will notice you're on the commercial UHF frequencies in them.


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