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Motorola Curve Series 900MHz FHSS digital radio, DTR/DLR compatible, with WiFi added


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This application appeared today on fccid.io: AZ489FT7146

Motorola is adding to their 900MHz FHSS digital on-site business radios with the Curve Series. It is a DLR style radio with 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi added to it. I don't understand the "Curve" name to it. Should be interesting. It doesn't appear to have any Bluetooth capability but that might come in a future model. The 900MHz FHSS digital system is compatible with the DTR and DLR series radios.


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They look a little bit like the cheap CLS analog series radios. I  have a buddy that picked up a CLS-1110 and CLS-1410 on eBay some time back. You can't do much with them due to the frequencies are preprogrammed, and you can only pick from the list. I guess if you're miles from nowhere nobody will notice you're on the commercial UHF frequencies in them.


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On 6/12/2022 at 6:04 PM, richc66 said:

Wondering if Wifi is just for command and voicemail or can you extend transmit from site to site on a closed network over WiFi?  I'm guessing no but that'd be an awesome feature! 

I got my hands on one and it looks like the wifi is just for the extra features with a PC that will have the portal software on the same network. However motorola hasn't released the portal software (as far as im aware) so you really cant get that set up just yet. But it works just like a normal DLR radio otherwise in a nicer housing. 

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