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Set auto CWID function to operate while repeater is "in use only"



I have a Motorola GR 1225 repeater and want to enable the CW ID , but I only want it to transmit ID when the repeater is active (in use) . I don't want to hear the ID transmit when there is no activity on the repeater .

I have necessary programming software and cables etc. , I need to know if this feature (in use only) is programmable , and how to go about it ?

Any guidance will be helpful .                  Thanks for reading post !

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Look in the "Radio Wide Configuration" - Make sure that the CWID  option is enabled in the General Option tab, then switch over to the:  CWID Signaling tab


Once you're in the CWID tab - make sure that CWID Operation is set to "Only with repeater activity" -  then set your time interval (10 or 15 minutes) - and I'd recommend using PL strip along with the "Interruptible by PTT" setting.

Good luck with it.   R1225's are famous for burning up the PA if they're run on full/high power settings - even when you don't think you're close to the advertised 50% duty cycle.  I'd recommend making sure that the fins and fan are clean & setting the unit to low power with 25 watts or less out of the repeater. Use an external amplifier if you really think that you NEED 50 watts out of the transmitter (you probably don't.)

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