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I recently purchased 2 Kenwood TK-880-1 v2 radios from Ebay. I watched a YouTube video from CKZBinMO,  where he showed how to upgrade firmware.  On he video page, there is a link to downloads for firmware as well as programming software.  https://groups.io/g/KenwoodRSS/topic/tk_380_firmware_upgrade/76114592?p   After clicking on the link, scroll about 2/3s of the way the page and the downloads will be there.

The cable that I used, which I already had, was from RT Systems for my Kenwood TM-281.  Much to my surprise, it worked.

I just wanted to pass along this information with the hope that it will help someone in the future.

Things that I am looking for are, 2 good, but budget mics for the TK-880 radios, and a good programming templet or cheat sheet for them as well.



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There are DTMF mics for Kenwood on ebay from China for around $20. I bought two, one of them quickly stopped working, another one is still good. The genuine Kenwood mic is bigger and heavier, but seems to be more reliable.

Programming cheat sheet, meaning buttons on the front panel?  We were chatting about possible options in this thread, on the second page:

But it's mostly up to the user. Whatever you find good, convenient.


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On 10/13/2021 at 11:46 AM, labreja said:

2 good, but budget mics for the TK-880 radios, and a good programming templet or cheat sheet for them as well.

Are you using the KPG-49D software?  This was my attempt.  It's a work in progress so you might want to double check the frequencies, I'm only using RPT-15 at this time so at least that one is right.


Gotchas I've found:

Make sure "off hook decode" stays checked.  Otherwise your CTCSS/DCS settings will be ignored when the radio thinks the mic is off-hook

Nobody could hear me well until I turned on compander (per channel setting)

I've programmed a b c d to 'home channel', 'scan add/del', 'disable ctcss/dcs', and 'talkaround' respectively.  I need to populate that list of user definable ctcss tones and program a button to 'operator selectable tone'.

good luck, KPG-49D is kind of a pain :)


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I am using the 49D software.  I didn't have to purchase an extra cable as my RT Systems cable, that I use for my Kenwood TM-281 worked.  I also purchased some Kenwood KMC-65 mics to use with the radios.  They seem to work ok, I just haven't had enough time using them to from an opinion yet.  I have no issue programming the radios, I just don't know what all the correct settings should be for GMRS use. 

Thanks for Gotchas info above!  Great stuff.



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