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01. Motorola Maxtrac 440MHz 2-Channel
02. Motorola M1225 VHF Radius 4-Channel

03. Baofeng 440 & GMRS 16-Channel
04. HP Pavilion 20 Linux Mint All-in-One




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When I had a shack at home…it consisted of a VHF Motorola GM300 (I later traded that radio for a UHF GM300 to fix a GR300 so I went to a VHF Maxtrac), an Icom F221s, and I had a surplus Dell running Mint 14 with a Cinnamon desktop. The Maxtrac went to a Tram station antenna on a 10 ft pole outside and the F221s went to a dipole I had taped up in the closet. 


Now my mobile shacks…are a slightly different story. Both are in the middle of some upgrades though.


My daily driver…


A Yaesu FT-2990 (on the dash, it's replacement is sitting on the console, Vertex VX-5500).

A Icom F221 (Probably going to be replaced with a Kenwood TK-880H)


I'm pinching pennies for a console. I'd still have a Motorola GTX, a VHF/UHF crossband repeater (I'm thinking either A) cross banding the Vertex and Kenwood or B) adding a SM120 and cross banding it to the Vertex), I've got a Kenwood TK-690 with remote head but I think I'm going to go with a 25 year old Motorola Syntor that I recently acquired (they only made 1200 of them), and I've been debating a VHF packet/aprs radio. Ideally I'd like to wire most everything into a common mic switch.


My Jeep



This one has a Anytone dual band (the radio is actually under the back seat), a Cobra 25 and a APRS SM50 in the back (wired into the ignition of course). The Anytone is coming out…I'm going to grab a remote mount VX-6500 I have (the Vertex version of the Kenwood TK-790) and swap the remote portion over to a VX-5500 and then use one of my NIB M1225's for UHF.



Found these on my Youtube channel. Apparently I never took any photos but I do have video. They were running on a scrapped PC power supply.


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