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Kenwood TK 840 Programming Problem



I purchased a Kenwood TK 840 on eBay and I have all of the necessary hardware (cables) and software to program it. While in the DOS KPG25D software, when I'm on the system info screen. Just viewing the system, I can't add a name to a system, nor can I change whether or not it's added to a scan list. If I hit space bar on a given system, the only thing I can do is select between trunking, conventional or not used. That's the only options I have.

I know I should be able to name a system and select Yes/No for the scan group, but I see no way to do that. 

I have been able to add my frequencies to groups, etc with no issue. I just can't figure out how to add a system name and Yes/No for the scan list. 

Has anyone else run into this problem?



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Minutes later, I figured it out. For anyone else who runs into this, the solution is not obvious at all. To name the system and change the scan list (yes/no), you have to hit enter on the System, which takes you to main channel editing screen and then hit F9 to edit the name and scan list for the system. Sigh.  

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3 hours ago, tweiss3 said:

That is probably in the help file, which seems to be impossible to open in Windows 10.

Well, it is mentioned in the help file, which I was able to load inside the DOS application. But, the help file just says that it's a good idea to give the system a name without saying how it's done. I guess this is all part of the fun of tinkering. 

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