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Motorized Antenna Mounts



I've looked at the Diamond motorized antenna mount. It looks nice however I think it has one major flaw. No indication when the antenna is fully raised or lowered. I've been thinking about one since I have a rather large dual band antenna currently on my Jeep, about 60 inches tall. The antenna has enough bandwidth to be usable on MURS and GMRS as well as the Ham bands.1285290466_CA-2x4MBJeep.thumb.jpg.6a8ad667860f6ab6e493d30a59f435d6.jpg


I can picture somebody not waiting until the antenna is fully lowered and pulling in to low clearance area and damaging the antenna and roof/ rack mount.

Anybody know of a similar product which does have positive indication of antenna position? I've seen DIY designs but they are rather bulky and the mechanical components are exposed to the elements. 

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More negatives to think astop. Talking to owners, most love it.

1.) Requires no ground plane antenna to perform acceptably.

2.) If the antenna is too heavy can cause the gears to stip.

There are diy designs most I saw where lineat ram style. Which can be pricey.

I have not seen one with an indicator. You could always add stop switches that trigger a light.

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30 minutes ago, kidphc said:

Btw, I have thought about using that same antenna a ditch (hood shoulder) mount.

Any reason you don't just for it over? Also, don't let the lack of indicator stop you from using the motorized mount. How often is it going to be going up and down?

Yeah, the fold over spring is shot. At highway speeds the darn thing lifts out of the socket base and flips over, I had to use several layers of electrical tape to hold it in place. Whenever I need to go to some place with low clearance I have to unscrew it from the base and stow it inside the Jeep. Sort of a pain. The antenna is about 20 years old. I hate to give it up since the match is fairly good on the Ham bands, MURS and GMRS and is ground independent too. Comet doesn't make this model any more. The closest they have is the CA-2x4SR. However it's a 5/8 wave design on the 2M band and requires a GOOD ground plane to work. I have one but the match sucks using the current mount I have for the old antenna.

How often would I use a motorized mount? Whenever I want to park the Jeep in my garage, go through a drive through, need to park in a parking structure etc. I've even taken it off to get an old change. The tip of the antenna even drags across the glass on the huge roll up doors at the quick oil change place when the door is up all the way. Yeah it will see some use.

Antenna Scan Results (CA-2x4MB FRS_GMRS Jeep).pdf Antenna Scan Results (CA-2x4MB MURS Jeep).pdf Antenna Scan Results (CA-2x4MB UHF Jeep).pdf Antenna Scan Results (CA-2x4MB VHF Jeep).pdf CA-2x4MB Manual.pdf

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I have seen guys use heat shrink (multiple) to keep the fold over up.

It seams you may get more convenience out of the motorized mount even without the indicator. Or maybe just have to Jerry rig one up.

It is like diamond tried to maximize the profits by not selling replacement gears or any indicator. I wouldn't strain too much about the lack of the indicator.

You could mount the antenna lower to limit the need of taking it off.

As far as the match for gmrs I hear you. Even my larsen 2/70 was a horrible match at that frequency. Given it is on a hood mount now it has gone pretty deaf, due to the shielding from the roof and windshield.

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