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Link two repeaters via Internet



Hello, I currently operate two repeaters, and I would like to link them together via ROIP. I am not necessarily interested in making them available via the internet (as in Zello). I would also like the ability to remotely control them via internet, but this is secondary to having them "seamlessly" connected to each other. I see that Bridgecom offers an ROIP interface that appears to fit the bill, but at nearly $800 each, they are more $ than I would care to spend. Can anyone steer me toward a "plug&play" interface gateway that is more budget friendly? If not plug&play, a minimum level of configuration, and Windows compatible software would be great, as I am not a computer guru. 

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Yeah. there is a MUCH cheaper way to do EXACTLY what Bridgecomm is trying to see you, But you do it yourself.

Couple requirements.  First is you can solder, really small crap  and I mean tiny.  Second is you are sort of computer savvy.  We aren't talking full on Guru, just understnd basic networking, hopefully some Linux and know what a Raspberry Pi is. 

You can take a couple Raspberry-pi units, and a couple CM108 devices which is a simple USB sound card with some I/O on it and basically build what you need for teh site equipment. 

Every bit of the information you need to do this, or at least MOST of it, is on the Internet.  You are going to use a system called Asterisk, which is a VoIP phone system basically that will run on the two R-Pi units and communicate to each other via an IAX trunk that is created betweenthe two units on via the Internet or any network you have access to that is accessable from both sites.

You will see mentioned on here about the different linked GMRS repeater systems that are talked about.  They are doing basically the same thing on a much larger scale. 

If you aren't up to the challenge of learning this stuff, you can get some help,, you can buy some parts and you can still make this work for less money (a LOT less).

The Raspberry Pi's can be replaced with small PC's running Linux and Asterisk, but you are gonna need to do some research and learn a few things to do this on the cheap. 

If you aren't able to commit the time and effort into this, then bite the bullet and buy the Bridgecom stuff, or similar equipment.


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